When it comes to making home improvements, they’ll usually fall into one of two categories. This would be the convenient luxury, where your improvements would affect your spare time and enjoyment. Others would be shrewd financial investments; often a way to save money in the long term.

For the second set of improvements, it’ll tend to be energy efficiency upgrades you consider, whereby you’ll make a profit in the years to come.

Take a look at the five best home improvements you can make around the home to save money.

Air and ground source heat pumps

Heat pumps are starting to become the technology of the moment, as they join solar panels in offering a range of excellent financial benefits. The two systems are in stark contrast in how they work, but both provide heat for the home from renewable sources.

Air source pump
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Like solar, not only will you save money on your bills, but you can also earn with the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive. This is paid out for seven years from installation and provides a huge return on investment.

The Green Deal also covers energy efficiency upgrades in England and Wales, so take a look at the scheme and see if it’s something you’d be interested in.

Low flow fittings

This is a very simple way to instantly save money, especially if you have metered water. Low flow fittings such as shower heads and taps will alter the flow rate, helping you to use less water and without creating a difference in your shower experience.

One tip to find out if you’re wasting water is to put a 10 litre container in with you when you shower. If it’s full in 10 seconds, you know there are savings to be made.

Low flow fittings are also perfect if you’re renovating the bathroom and you can see a return in just two years.

Solar Panels

Solar panels have become increasingly popular over the last five years or so, and there are a range of incentives to make an investment entirely worthwhile. With a solar panel system your first saving comes in the way of energy bill reductions.

Solar panels
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On top of this there’s also the Government’s feed-in tariff income which pays you for the electricity your panels produce. In fact, overall you can see a 10-15% ROI each year.

Home insulation

Insulation is key to retaining more heat in the home and reducing those ever-expensive energy bills. In fact, with insulation you can save up to £600 a year by taking into account the walls, loft and windows.

Heat can be lost all over the house, so it’s always worth having a professional take a look at your home to see where a saving can be made. You may even be eligible for free insulation from your energy provider.

A replacement boiler

Do you have an old boiler? The fact is, if it’s over 15 years old it’s likely to be extremely inefficient and upgrading would see you save hundreds of pounds on a yearly basis. Boilers are rated from A-G in terms of efficiency, so make sure to invest in an efficient boiler if you want to start saving money.

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