Conventional boilers, usually called heat only or regular boilers, are popular for bigger households as they can warm your house and water effectively.

Standard boilers utilise a tank with 2 feeds. There is one for warm water and one for cold, and the water is pumped through the system to either be warmed up or kept as warm water to be made use of when it is required.

You may want to pick a conventional boiler if you have great deals of people in your household and you have more than one bathroom. This is due to the fact that they can cope with dispensing water to 2 or more outlets whereas a combi boiler will struggle to do this.

So is a conventional boiler right for you?

Benefits of a conventional boiler

  • They still work well even if your mains pressure is low
  • You’ll still get hot water even if somebody is running the shower and the kitchen taps at the same time
  • They’re simple to maintain as they have a simple design
  • You can set up an immersion heating system to the hot water cylinder to use if the boiler breaks down
  • Conventional boilers deal with older central heating units

Downsides to a conventional boiler

  • Pressure flow for showers and hot water can be low
  • You’ll require area for the cold and hot feed tanks
  • Conventional boilers aren’t as efficient as combi boilers – there will be heat loss as hot water is saved
  • Your hot water can run out and take time to reheat
  • Hot water isn’t supplied on demand – you need to heat it in advance

Standard boilers are wonderful for larger houses and those with more than one bathroom. Just bear in mind that you will require enough room for the cold and hot water tanks and that you cannot heat water on requirement like you can with a combi boiler.

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