It’s not a surprise that we find less space in our homes nowadays. Housing prices have escalated so it’s now a lot more expensive to upgrade and first time buyers are also having to settle for less space.

On top of this, there are so many gadgets and gizmos around the home that it can easily start to feel cluttered.

What’s important though is to not lose your sense of space and make the most of some innovative space saving ideas.

Take a look at our tip below for doing just that:

Raise the bed

If you’re struggling for space in the home, then one handy tip is to use height to your advantage. If you have high ceilings, why not raise the bed to give you plenty of floor space below. A way to do this is with a wooden platform that’s raised above.

In the space below you’ll then have the room to fit other valuable furniture such as a sofa.

Framing a doorway

One area of the home where there’s often a lot of wasted space is around the door frames. So how can you address this? Of course, one way would be to decorate the area with pictures or hangings, but something that’s growing in popularity is to fix a bookshelf around the frame. This is a great place to store your books, magazines or general belongings.

Make use of the ceiling

It seems obvious now, but there’s a whole lot of space on the ceiling just waiting to be used. Get some of your larger belongings off of the floor and hang them above, such as a bicycle, surf board or even skis. Of course, don’t put too much weight up there and ensure there’s enough headspace.

Wall units

Fed up of the wasted wall space around your home? Then invest in a wall unit to store loads of your household possessions. And we’re not talking about one of those ugly wooden ones from Friends. With an ornate unit you can improve the appeal of your home and have an area for your TV, stereo, DVDs and books.

Divide and conquer

Dividing up the rooms in your home may not sound like a space saver, but in fact if you have an open planned home, it helps to create separation. Rather than having a bedroom/living room/dining area, divide the room and benefit from storage space too.

Just because you have a smaller home to work with, doesn’t mean you have to suffer from little space. There are many clever ways to make the most from your property, so turn your house into a home today.