For most people their home is a huge part of their life. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s the place where you should feel warm, safe and secure.

After all, we spend a lot of money making sure it’s perfect and ensuring we have everything we need.

But have you ever thought about how much value is stored away in your property? When you take into account TVs, laptops, tablets, music systems and furniture you’ll quickly get into the thousands of pounds.

On top of this you should consider the shed and garage, taking into account how much value there is too.

At the end of the day, criminals know exactly what they want from your home and exactly where to look for them. If you make it easy for them they’ll get into your home and take all of those possessions you’ve been totting up in your head.

And burglary is not a subject to take lightly in this country. According to Government statistics there’s a burglary every 37 seconds and you need to make sure you’re not the next person to fall victim. It’s not just what’s stolen which causes pain, but also the emotional turmoil.

It can be difficult to get over a burglary because homeowners often feel humiliated. So do you want to reduce the risks of this happening? Make sure to take a look at our top five security tips:

1. Don’t let them in

Many burglars are opportunists. Of course, there are some criminals who’ll go out with every intent of committing crime, but many burgle a property because of an opportune moment.

Don’t make life easy for them. If your driveway is empty and a downstairs window wide open then you’re just asking for trouble. Instead, every time you leave the home ensure all doors and windows are fully locked and secure.

Open door
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2. Light them up

Burglaries are quite common at night when darkness can be used to their advantage. So why let them have it all their way?

Consider investing in some security lights which are activated by movement close to your home at night. A burglar can be put off by the exposure and move elsewhere.

Security lights

3. Make a racket

Have you got a burglar alarm system installed in your home? If not, why not? An intruder is unlikely to want the whole neighbourhood knowing they’re around so if the system is activated they won’t hang around long!

Although an alarm may not prevent a break-in, it will certainly minimise the amount of time they can spend in your home, especially if it’s a monitored alarm.

house alarm

4. Don’t advertise your home

It’s a sorry state of affairs but only 50% of burglaries are carried out by total strangers. So that means the other 50% are by someone you may know. The best way to avoid this is by not advertising your absence.

Posting on Facebook or Twitter that you’re sunning yourself in Spain for two weeks will only highlight the fact your home is empty and an easy target. If you do go away for an extended period, ensure to cancel any milk or newspaper orders too and have a close friend or family member come round to collect your letters.

Social media

5. Improve security

Doors and windows are the common points of access to any home, so how secure are yours? With a solid composite door you can protect your home and by upgrading your old windows with modern double glazing combined with superb locking mechanisms, you can stop any break-in.

As a final tip, please don’t leave a spare set of keys under a plant pot or mat because no matter how well hidden it may be, you’re given an intruder easy access.

Window security
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Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • The Government say a burglary occurs every 37 seconds, so remain vigilant!
  • Only 50% of burglaries are carried out by a stranger, so be careful with who you trust.
  • Sharing your holiday updates on social media just highlights you’re not at home and the house is empty!